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FairWorks can help you optimise your company's efficiency by:

Lean Six Sigma Methodology:
FairWorks has been accredited by the IASSC with a “Green Belt” for the Lean – Six Sigma methodology. FairWorks, through the Lean – Six Sigma methodology, can support your effort to optimise the efficiency of your organisation.

More in detail, Lean methodology can help organise your operations in the most flexible simple ways, minimising or even removing activities that increase completion times and costs. Working with FairWorks, a detailed processes’ description will be made. Based on your needs, these processes will be re-designed. This way you will not only be able to minimise operations costs, but also the benefits received will be maximised.

At the same time FairWorks will guide your organisation using Six Sigma methodology to recognise what impacts your operational results. Using statistical analysis we strengthen those affecting in a positive way and eliminate those that lead to delays and mistakes in the process. Reducing errors, automatically we can reduce operation costs and improve productivity.

FairWorks can, in full confidentiality, free of charge to map your operations, propose a process redesign and improvement strategy. In deploying these changes, our fee will be calculated based on the savings achieved (Pay as You Save).

Personalised Financial Management:
FairWorks working together with your organisation, and taking into account your organisation’s requirements can create a tailored made financial information model. This model will be updated through your accounting or ERP system in a dynamic way, which will support your decision making process by providing your with timely information on your Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Timely info will help you implement or adjust your strategies.

Why do you not take advantage of the e-CEO services FairWorks offers? You can rely on us to help you implement annual and long term strategies. We can prepare, measure and propose ways to improve your KPIs as well as supervise your internal accounting department or external accountin partner..


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