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Stamatis Karagounis

Stamatis is a holder of a MSc Banking (2003) by the Greek Open University and BSc Economics from the Kapodistrian University of Athens (1994) and a Member of the Institute of Certified Accountants of Greece (A' Class Signatory).

Among others, his professional experience includes 15 years of executive management positions in financial institutions, such as Piraeus Bank, Bank of Cyprus and Marfin Bank.

Since 2011 he has become an independent business consultant, specialized on bank relationship management, financial management, business planning and investment assessment. more >>



neophytos new

Neophytos is a holder of a MSc in International Securities Investment and Banking from ICMA Centre of University of Reading (2002), a BSc in Accounting from the University of Hull (2001) and a professional degree in Banking from the University of Manchester and the London Institute of Financial Services (2005).

For 12 years he has worked with the Bank of Cyprus and Hewlett-Packard as senior financial analyst and credit manager exposed to international business.

He has been an external consultant with BP Petrochemicals in Belgium between 2014 and 2016, advising on credit and financials management as well as designing and implementing new business processes. more >>



kostas karatzas

Costas holds a BSc in Political Sciences and International Relations from Panteion University of Athens.

He has significant experience in the logistics and publishing sectors, contributing to business operations and in particular procurement management. Coupled with his experience, his knowledge in IT, prove him an important member of our team specialized on Business Process management as well as our IT and ERP specialist.

Furthermore, Costas is very interested in promoting business and supporting startups in particular though Social Economy Channels. more >>




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